Ain’t It Grande Social Club

To All Square Dancers

The first outing of the “Ain’t It Grande Social Club” will be Saturday, March 18th to see the “Bud Lite St. Patrick’s Day River Parade” in downtown San Antonio (link)

For those wanting to carpool, we will be meeting at the Walmart in New Braunfels at 11:00 am. Please park close to and facing Walnut in the Walmart parking lot.

We plan to be downtown by 12:00 noon. If you will be meeting us downtown, find a place to park and call my cell at 512-924-9244. We will choose a place to meet downtown based on where everyone is parked.

If you haven’t yet saved this year’s calendar of Social Club events, it is attached for you to print or save to your

Please either call me at the above number or email me if you plan to join us. I hope to see you this coming Saturday!

Cherri Burrows