Dues/Rosters Due

It's that time of the year again... Please take a snapshot of your Club Roster by June 30, 2022 for all dancers who call your club home and email me the list as soon as you have it. I prefer it on an Excel Spreadsheet in xlsx form, but you can even just type in the info in an email please show the first and last names on separate lines. Please include all full members and your club name and email contact.

Attached, find two example files to use if you can... but any text file or just type them in an email.

Send to pdxtdbear@gmail.com

Then by July 5th, please USPS mail me the same list along with $5 per person payable to ASRDA. Please only pay for those who call your club HOME (i.e. don't have another Home Club) and their Home Club is in ASRDA. Independent dancers who wish to have ASRDA insurance can also be listed as long as they dance at your club and haven't paid elsewhere. If a member is one of the 2021-2022 officers (elected or appointed) then you can keep their $5 or include/donate it to ASRDA. Since the new officers are not yet valid, we use the old officers. We don't know who the new appointed officers will be so they also are handled next year. Each year we get duplicates and wrong officers, so corrections are made and overpayments are pooled to pay for the rest of the officers.

Mail your checks and a printout of the list you emailed (or hand-crafted list) to:

PO BOX 256
Dripping Springs, TX  78620

ASRDA membership is just $5 and you get Texas Federation Membership for free, and that comes with free secondary dancer insurance and club liability insurance. You only have to fill in the Request for Certificate of Liability for your club's dance venue or special dance venue. This is for any dance venue that requests it or to have in case you need to show it if there is any incident. You must also record the name of each person at the dance or have them sign-in. Make sure the Dance Name, Club Name, and Date of the Dance are visible on the log sheets and save those as business records.