Dues/Rosters Due

Must be received by me before July 31

It is that time of year. Please use your June 30th roster (or closest to that) to pay dues for your club. ASRDA does not charge additional dues, so we are keeping the cost to only $5 (what we pay to the Texas Federation). The Texas Federation only charges $5 per member dancer for membership. They in-turn provide dancer's insurance to all members. 

By paying your $5 per club member, they become members of ASRDA & the Federation and they have dancer's insurance.

You will find several file formats attached to this message. Please choose one and fill it out for each person as it saves your membership officer time since they would otherwise have to retype it or convert it. BUT, if you lack a computer then please send a legible list ASAP along with you check made payable to ASRDA. 

Note: Similar names are always a problem, so if your member knows they have the same name as someone else, please make a note besides their entry or include a short explanation. Members should only pay with their home club. Any duplicate payments are considered donations and we use that to help pay for the ASRDA Officers.

These are the Elected and Appointed Officers of ASRDA as of June 30th (out-going) that you do not have to pay dues for:

Brooke Peters - ASRDA President
Barbara Read - ASRDA Vice President & Hospitality & Texas Star Reporter
Tom Barrett - ASRDA Treasurer & Insurance/Membership
Shirely Myers & Steven O'Neal - ASRDA Secretary
Hurbert & Loraine O'Neal - Chaplain
Joe & Bonnie Lowe - Facilities
Betty Shelton - Financial Advisor
Tony & Martha Burghart - Friendship Badge Chair
Gene & Charlotte Broadway - Parliamentarian 
Calvin and Ruby Buessing - Past President Chair
Mary Alice Troxel - Presidential Awards
Chuck & Cheryl Sherman - Social Secretary
Mike & Dana Goggin - Webmaster 

For the callers and cuers, you can list each and pay $5 to be members of the Federation if they are not otherwise members (just ask them). 

Note: If you don't see a format that you can read attached, just email me and I will try and get you one.