Austin SRDA Friendship Badge card

Attached for your convenience are two friendship badge cards on one page (8 1/2 by 11" portrait format). Please copy, print, share, and email these friendship badge cards to others.

Friendship badge rules:
1 ASRDA dancers must attend 15 club or special dances for each badge or dangle awarded and each attendance must be recorded on an ASRDA Friendship Badge card. The card may contain only clubs to which a dancer does not belong. Exhibitions, special, benefit, round dances and clogging may all be included.
2 A club officer, caller, or sponsor must sign and date the card at the time of the visit. When completed, return the card to the ASRDA Friendship Badge chairman: Tony & Martha Burghart; 512 255-8417;

A free Adobe PDF Reader may be downloaded using the following link