Club Assistance with 2015 MidTex Festival

This is a reminder that each year the members clubs of ASRDA are asked to help with the success of the MidTex festival. This assistance comes in three forms:

1) Encourage all your members to register and attend the MidTex festival.
2) Provide assistance with refreshments. This year each club is asked to bring 2 – 3 dozen cookies and one large bag of a salty snack such as chips.
3) Provide gift cards or a gift basket. The gift cards are combined with other gift cards into 2-3 bundles and are raffled off; and the gift baskets are sold by silent auction.

Please spread the word to your clubs and bring yourselves and Meet at the River on Friday May 1 and Saturday May 2 in San Marcos.

Lise Waring
ASRDA MidTex Committee