Austin’s Stage 4 Restrictions and ASRDA’s Installation Dance

Hi Everyone – 

In light of Austin just moving to Stage 4 COVID restrictions, some of the current ASRDA Board members are concerned about the risk of spreading the COVID delta variant at the upcoming Installation dance.  Basically Stage 4 Guidelines say that when in a public or private gathering, vaccinated people should wear masks and unvaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals not attend these gatherings. 

We are aware that people are tired of having dances cancelled or being told they have to wear a mask.  We are pretty sure that the longer we don’t dance, the more dancers we will give up on square dancing.  But we are also aware that the delta variant is more contagious than previous strains and there are even questions as to whether or not vaccinated people can carry the virus in their noses and spread it to unvaccinated people.  There are also breakthrough cases in vaccinated people.  We don’t want more people getting COVID.

At the time of this writing, Hyde Park Christian Church is open so we will be having the Installation Dance.  Masks will be highly encouraged but not mandatory. There will be hand sanitizer and “No Hugs” badges.  Each of you has your own risk tolerance so you must decide for yourself whether or not you are comfortable attending the dance.

If you decide to come, we’ll see you at the Installation Dance on 31 July @ 7:30.