OPEN HOUSE and Week #1 of Beginning Square Dance Lessons

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A different instructor every week!

Come explore the wonderful world of square dancing! No prior dance experience is necessary.  If you can walk you can square dance. Lessons and dancing are open to singles, couples, families, and teens. You don't need a partner to take lessons or attend dances after graduation. It is a great way to meet people and have fun in a safe environment.

FunDancers will start Beginning Square Dance Lessons (also known as Mainstream lessons) on Sunday, January 6 at 3501 Morning Drive, Schertz, TX (in the Northcliff Subdivision).  This date is also an Open House so you can come and try out the first lesson for free. 

Our lessons are 2 hours each Sunday for 16 weeks. We have very experienced square dance callers/instructors who come from all over the country to call and teach for us.  You will have a different instructor every week. The VP of our club will provide continuity between classes and insure you get the most out of your lessons.