Clubs' Status in Relation to Corona Virus

The 2020 Texas State Square Dance Festival  has been CANCELLED!

Special Dances Cancelled

Hill Country Squares Graduation on 22 March 2020
La Grange's Independence Day Dance scheduled for 21 March 2020
Lone Star Lambda's Graduation on 16 March 2020
Waterloo's Anniversary Dance scheduled for 21 March 2020

Wild Flower Dance in Marble Falls scheduled for 28 March 2020

Wheel-N-Deals Anniversary Dance scheduled for 25 April 2020

Clubs Temporarily Closed
Buckles and Bows
Come 'n Take It (Gonzales) until 13 April 2020
FunDancers (Schertz) until at least 5 April 2020
Hill Country Squares (Leander) until further notice
Lone Star Lambdas (Austin) until further notice
New Braunfels Plus Club (Mondays) thru March 23rd
Shirts 'N Skirts (Georgetown) until 1 April 2020
Sun Dancers (Georgetown) until 18 April 2020
Waterloo Squares South Austin  until further notice
Canyon Lake Mainstream  until end of March
Canyon Lake Plus  Until end of March
Country Cuzzins Marble Falls will reevaluate at end of March
La Grange (Tuesdays) until further notice
Wheel-N-Deals San Marcos until the end of March

Clubs Still Dancing

Carousel Club (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

All the clubs holding weekly dances ask anyone who believes they MIGHT be ill to stay home.  
Those with risk factors or who do not want to take any chances of being exposed to illness should stay home.  
While at the dance wash your hands before and after the dance and use hand sanitizer between tips.
Try not  to touch your face.