Houston, We Have A Promenade - Save the Date!


The 38th Annual IAGSDC Convention is coming to Houston over the July 4th, 2021 weekend (July 2-4, 2021).

Great Callers:

  • Deborah Carroll-Jones
  • Sandra Bryant
  • Vic Cedar
  • Barry Clasper
  • Todd Fellegy
  • Darren Gallina
  • Geo Jedicka
  • Justin Russell
  • Anne Uebelacker
  • Bronc Wise

If you're wondering why you've never heard of the IAGSDC conventions even after 30-something years... well, it's the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. Wait... Gay? Yes, but it's 3-days of square dancing in 8 full-time halls and they don't discriminate.  :-)

Hey wait, this isn't ASRDA... right, but the Lambdas have been a member club of IAGSDC for over a decade and it's our announcement to let the area in on a prime opportunity to spend 3+ days of almost non-stop dancing and fun!

Whoa, that's too expensive. Well, the day before the convention starts, there is usually a FREE Trial End's dance. They haven't told us yet who's calling. You can keep up with the news on Facebook or their Website

It will be a high energy and fun experience with some really great callers!

Just ask a square dancer who recently attended the Phiily Convention about how much fun it is: Terry, Austin, Jorge, Aldo, Rhonda, Aaron, or me.