A Few Notes from the ASRDA VP

I apologize to the clubs I unintentionally left off the “Beginner Square Dance Lessons” list.  The corrected and final version of the list is attached.  You will notice that some San Antonio clubs have been listed along with those in ASRDA. I believe it is better just to get people dancing rather than worry about where they take lessons.  The more all the clubs work together, the better chance we have of recruiting new dancers.  Also, maybe a potential dancer in Austin has friends in San Antonio who want to learn.  Bingo – they send them the list.

I will have the list available at the “Barn Dance” Wheel-N-Deals is sponsoring on August 24th.  Dancers will be encouraged to take copies and share them with their friends.  I will also have the lists available at the Home Schooler’s “Sign Up” meeting this coming Thursday, August 9th, where the families browse activities for their kids.  I will be there to answer any questions the kids or parents may have.   As soon as I can figure out how to share the list on social media, I will be doing that as well.  Feel free to copy and share the list with as many potential square dancers as you can.

I hope to see many of you at the “New Old Time Barn Dance” on Friday, 24 August at City Park Rec Hall in San Marcos.

Brooke Peters