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I goofed – the date of festival is Saturday, June 18, not the 17th.

TSFSRD Festival Trivia:  When and Where was the first State Festival held?


Act Now! 

* The deadline for early registration for Festival is May 16 (May 15 for using PayPal).

* The deadline for discounted hotel rates is May 16.

Link to registration form:

You will be able to get tickets at the door; pre-registration saves you dollars.

Highlights of Festival weekend

* Trail End Dance on Thursday, June 16, hosted by Texas Callers Association with "Caller Idol" after party.  Voting for your favorite "Idol" is by dropping quarters in their bucket.  Money raised is for lessons grants and caller training scholarships.

* Pre-Festival Dance on Friday, June 17, hosted by Houston Square & Round Dance Council.  Featured callers are Wade Driver, Bob Baier, KO Jeanes.  Featured cuer is Mark and Pam Prow.  After party is dancing on the Brazos River Bridge.

* Festival – Saturday, June 18.

  Fun and educational panels in the morning, afternoon fashion show, dancing all day, Saturday evening dance.  Watch for more details coming soon

Make those reservations today! We're looking for you in Waco because Waco is the Scene for Twenty Sixteen.


Trivia Answer:  May 18, 1963, Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX.  Lee and Roy Long were chairman.

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Waco is the Scene for Twenty Sixteen