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    The "Ski's" are organizing not 1, but 2, European tours in 2020!

    To sign up for this tour you need to let the “Ski’s” know as soon as possible to give them your deposit for this tour.  Click here to email or call 956.781.8453 or 956.460.7520

    Trip 1 will visit Germany, Luxemborg, Belgium, France, Netherlands from August 27 to September 20, 2020 (click here for details).

    Trip 2 will visit Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and the Czech Republic from September 22 to October 16, 2020 (click here for details).


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    The next ASRDA delegate meeting will be on 9 November 2019 1- 3 pm.  From 3 - 4 the Mid-Tex and Conclave meetings will take place.  The Teen Scholarship dance starts at 5 pm.  The meeting will be at our usual location, Hyde Park Christian Church, 610 East 45th Street, Austin, TX.

    There is NO delegate meeting this coming Saturday 5 October.  I am encouraging all dancers to support Come-N-Take-It and go dance in the square in Gonzales at 6 pm.  There is a potluck following the dance at 7 pm.  Call Ruby Buesing for more details at 830-857-6633.

    If you are closer to San Antonio, you can participate in "Night in Old Converse" where there will be a demo dance and audience participation from 4:30 - 5:30 pm on 5 October..  Wear your square dance badge and you can get into the festival for free.  If you have more questions about this event, call Brooke at 210-392-5433.

    I hope to see you all at the delegate meeting on 9 November!

    President, ASRDA

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    The Teen Scholarship Dance was rescheduled from Oct 5 to Nov 9.  While changed on the web site, the old information was accidentally included in ASRDA Events email distributed this morning.  

    Please ignore that event listing, but please do plan to attend the correct one: 
    ASRDA's Annual Teen Scholarship Dance

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    Calvin Hollis from Oklahoma will be calling,  He is new to calling in the area and he is calling only here Monday night. He is interested in calling for some clubs in the area at a later date.  Come out and dance to him in Gonzales.

    Thank you
    Ruby Buesing

    Come N' Take It Squares club info here

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    The 38th Annual IAGSDC Convention is coming to Houston over the July 4th, 2021 weekend (July 2-4, 2021).

    Great Callers:

    • Deborah Carroll-Jones
    • Sandra Bryant
    • Vic Cedar
    • Barry Clasper
    • Todd Fellegy
    • Darren Gallina
    • Geo Jedicka
    • Justin Russell
    • Anne Uebelacker
    • Bronc Wise

    If you're wondering why you've never heard of the IAGSDC conventions even after 30-something years... well, it's the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. Wait... Gay? Yes, but it's 3-days of square dancing in 8 full-time halls and they don't discriminate.  :-)

    Hey wait, this isn't ASRDA... right, but the Lambdas have been a member club of IAGSDC for over a decade and it's our announcement to let the area in on a prime opportunity to spend 3+ days of almost non-stop dancing and fun!

    Whoa, that's too expensive. Well, the day before the convention starts, there is usually a FREE Trial End's dance. They haven't told us yet who's calling. You can keep up with the news on Facebook or their Website

    It will be a high energy and fun experience with some really great callers!

    Just ask a square dancer who recently attended the Phiily Convention about how much fun it is: Terry, Austin, Jorge, Aldo, Rhonda, Aaron, or me.

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    Emails went out June 13th with various file formats for clubs to submit their June roster and Insurance dues for members for which they pay. If your club official failed to get the email, we had the wrong email addresses. Just email me for the forms.

    Please email me by July 10 with the electronic list and mail by July 10th with the printed copy along with a check or money order for the amounts paid by your club.

    Checks are to be made out to ASRDA.

    Tom Barrett, Treasurer
    PO BOX 256