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    Often new dancers and sometimes more experienced dancers have questions about ASRDA, such as: what is it, what are its goals, and what does it do for me and my club.


    The ASRDA was formed about 70 years ago, originally as part of the Austin Parks & Recreation Department. The two main goals are: promote square & round dancing in the greater Austin area and to host the annual Mid-Tex dance with assistance from member clubs.


    Some of the things the association does for its clubs are:


    1.  Provide a calendar for all clubs to use when scheduling special dances, thus preventing conflicts for special dances being scheduled on the same night or weekend.


    2.  Publish a monthly newsletter, Round the Capitol Square, in which each club can let all dancers know what is going on in their club with an article. Each club is also allowed one free flyer each year to advertise a special dance of their choosing. Other flyers may be inserted as well for a nominal fee.


    Also in the publication there is a listing for each club which includes dance information, time, location, address, and a contact person.


    There is also a page with the list of the callers and cuers in our area with information for contacting them.


    3. The ASRDA also has a website with information, links, and more at Clubs may also submit information and flyers for this site.


    4.  The $5. dues per person provides the club & the association with membership to the state organization, the Texas State Federation of Square & Round Dancers. This provides dancer insurance, which is a secondary policy that will pay after the dancers primary policy pays if a dancer is injured on the way, at the dance, or on the way home. Also clubs are provided a $1,000,000 liability policy when hosting special dances. This is provided at no extra cost.


    5.  Educational & informational materials such as Learn to Square Dance cards, sign in sheets, brochures, posters, and business cards are also provided to all clubs. All diplomas are provided for graduations.


    6.  Lesson books giving detailed instruction for basic & plus level dances are purchased by the ASRDA and given to the clubs as requested.


    7. The ASRDA executive board will install club officers when asked to do so. They will also conduct a special ceremony at class graduations.


    8.  ASRDA provides a $200. stipend to clubs to assist them in the promotion & advertising of lessons.


    9.  At ASRDA meetings each club is encouraged to make announcements and to hand out flyers to all the club delegates. This helps all clubs get the word out to other clubs.


    10.  Provide new information on “what’s working” for member clubs. This year a meeting was held with callers to share details concerning “Club 50”. Several clubs are now implementing this new format of lessons.


    11.  The Association officers promote club activities and dances.  This is done by officers and ambassadors visiting clubs, special dances, announcing special dances, and delivering and passing out flyers.


    12.  The ASRDA acts as a liaison to the TSFSRD by sending three delegates to the State meetings. They in turn keep clubs informed of statewide activities such as the annual State Festival.


    13.  ASRDA holds a Teen Scholarship Dance each year to support the TSFSRD Teen Scholarship Program. This program was started by ASRDA in memory of Frank & Mildred Monk. They served as presidents of ASRDA more than once. They were Teen Coordinators for TSFSRD for several years. ASRDA asked for the program to be taken over by TSFSRD to ensure its growth and to reach more teens. Several ASRDA teens have received scholarship money.


    14.  Mid-Tex is the ASRDA’s largest dance of the year. It is a two day event and is the oldest continuing festival in Texas.


    15.  ASRDA sponsors a Friendship Badge that encourages visitation.


    These are just some of the ways and things the ASRDA does for its member clubs. All of these benefits are provided without cost to the member clubs of the Association except for the $5. per dancer for insurance which is sponsored by the TSFSRD.


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    See attachment

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    It is the fund raiser for the Texas State federation and all association clubs. federation gold replaces the old state tickets which could be considered a lottery.  Federation gold is a gift card.  We have a list of businesses that sell gift cards.

    Current order forms and participating retailers can be found on the TSFSRD website.

    Who will buy the cards? You and anyone else you wish to sell them to. How do you order? Look over the list and decide which cards and how many you want to order. You can order individually or as a club. There is a shipping and handling fee of $4.95 for orders $500 or less. So get together with more club members and make a big order. Fill out the form and send it with a check, money order, or cashiers check to the address at the top of the order sheet. These cards are valid as long as the company is in business. There is no expiration date.

    The cards will be delivered within 10 days. The gift certificatas vary in price--You decide which card you want. You buy a card at face value and it is worth exactly that much. You lose nothing. The gift card company will send the federation a rebate check which will be divided three ways between the federation, district and clubs. 35% goes to the State Federation, 10% to the ASRDA, and 55% to the club. The percent back to square dancing varies from merchant to merchant.

    The state federation has cut their budget to the core. The State Festival which cost $1 per ticket before is now a stand alone affair and will cost at least $25.

    Help support state and local square dancing by purchasing federation gold cards!

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    Attached for your convenience are two friendship badge cards on one page (8 1/2 by 11" portrait format). Please copy, print, share, and email these friendship badge cards to others.

    Friendship badge rules:
    1 ASRDA dancers must attend 15 club or special dances for each badge or dangle awarded and each attendance must be recorded on an ASRDA Friendship Badge card. The card may contain only clubs to which a dancer does not belong. Exhibitions, special, benefit, round dances and clogging may all be included.
    2 A club officer, caller, or sponsor must sign and date the card at the time of the visit. When completed, return the card to the ASRDA Friendship Badge chairman: Tony & Martha Burghart; 512 255-8417;

    A free Adobe PDF Reader may be downloaded using the following link